2015-16 Chair's Messenger Article Apr' 16

NQ Talks
All but one of our 'NQ Talks' have now taken place. These evenings provided fantastic insight into the current state of the legal jobs market as well as providing information about jobs, not just in the wonderful city of Manchester, but also elsewhere in the UK and abroad. The talks also provided attendees with insight into the prospects of working in-house for those who realy are fed up with recording their time.

Should anyone want more information, I’d be happy to pass on details or contacts if you couldn't make it to one of the events. Similarly the recruiters who took the talks will also be more than happy to receive your call. They were:

  • Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment
  • BCL Legal; and
  • Anakin Seal

Commercial Advocacy Training
We’ve planned an event for Thurs 16 June with 23 Essex Street Chambers in Manchester to be held at BPP law school for MTSG members, BPTC and LPC students. This will be a commercial advocacy presentation, hosted by Arnold Ayoo who will be presenting on the pitfalls of drafting as a solicitor. This will be relevant to all practice areas and will explain principles such as “without prejudice”, followed by a networking session, aimed at increasing links at a junior level between the 2 professions.

Employability Week and District Judge Shadowing
MTSG is teamed up with BPP to assist with its employability week from 7 – 11 March. We also launched our District Judge shadowing scheme las month which will run to the 6th of May. This scheme proved highly popular and insightful. If you missed out this year please keep an eye on your inboxes for this and our various other career enhancing MTSG schemes next year. For further details email Rachel.Forbes@pinsentmasons. or Joe.Ailion@slatergordon.co.uk



March saw us mosey on down to the Milton Club for an incredible social held in conjunction with Sacco Mann. This event which, again, 'characterised' what MTSG is all about. The response to this event was incredible with over one hundred tickets selling in the hours after its announcement. Clearly this year's trainee and paralegal contingents across Manchester are a sociable bunch.

This month look out for our joint event with the accountant equivalent group, MCASS. From past experience we know them to be a fun bunch and, of course, it's always good to have a night out under the auspices of networking...


The FELT Whiskey tasting event took place at, understandably, the Whisky Jar in the Northern Quarter. Attendees were provided with interesting insight into the processes and intricacies of whiskies from around the world and insight into what gave each their individual flavours. If you've missed out on this event, or just don't like whiskey, we'll have plenty more, equally as brilliant events in the coming months.


Summer Ball
We're keeping details under wraps for the time being but look out for the announcement of the finale to the MTSG year, our summer ball. We're hard at work planning the details but from what's been arranged so far, you'll be in for a special evening which will be a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year. 

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